Yates - Blood and Bone

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Yates Premium Blood & Bone contains 90% pure meat meal and is a high source of organic Nitrogen.
It is suitable for a wide range of plants including vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, lawns as well as exotic trees and shrubs. Yates® Premium Blood & Bone has added Potash and is a complete, balanced formulation which incorporates the benefits of organic based slow release ingredients. The addition of the extra Potassium (K) will help improve fruiting and flower growth as well as assist by reducing plant stress caused by extreme weather conditions. Potassium also enhances foliage colour and increases resistance to disease.

Yates Premium Blood & Bone can be used as a general fertiliser to promote healthy growth in most fruiting and or flowering crops. Yates Premium Blood & Bone is organic- based, which also makes it beneficial for general soil health and structure, while increasing microbial and earthworm activity. (N7.7 : P5.0 : K1.2)

Features & Benefits:

• Complete balanced formulation
• Slow release nutrients reducing the risk of fertiliser burn
• Low odour formulation
• Rejuvenates tired soils by stimulating microbial and worm activity
• Increase the resistance to disease and improves drought tolerance
• High in organic nitrogen for healthy leaf growth
• Slow release phosphorus for strong root development
• Added Potassium sulfate (Potash)to enhance flower and fruit development
• High in calcium which is essential for cell wall structure and strength