Chamaerops humilis

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Common Name: European Fan Palm

Description: The European fan palm grows in multiple trunk clumps which gives the palm a shrubby look. It is popular due to its cold hardiness and it’s toleration of wind. Prefers well drained organic soils, can deal with poor soils. It is a slow growing palm taking it 10-15 years to reach a height of 2.5m. It has triangular, fan shaped, leaves range from bluish- green to silvery grey. Leaves grow outward then upward. Stems are covered with sharp thorns so you need to be careful while pruning them. It also produces small yellow flowers, followed by green fruits that turn brown when ripe (Fruits are not edible).

Mature Size: 2.5-4m (h) x 3-4m (w) 

Position: Full sun