Cupressocyparis leylandii 'Leighton Green'

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Common Name: Leighton Green

Description: Leighton Greens are a fast growing, hardy, dense and large evergreen tree.  The foliage is deep green in colour and its foliage is flattened fern like sprays. The foliage growth is open when young but thickens with age. Has a pyramidal growth pattern and responds well to pruning. Prefers well drained and fertile soil but will tolerate nearly all soil types. It will do well by the coast or exposed positions, is frost hardy and is drought tolerant once established. Prefers warm temperate to cold climates. Mainly used for formal screening, hedging and windbreaks. Average growth of 1 metre per year.

Mature Size: 20m (h) x 10m (w) 

Position: Full sun to part shade