Martins Organic - Lucerne Mulch

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Martins Organic Lucerne Mulch is 100% Lucerne, compressed tightly into a bale. Lucerne will add nurtients to your soil for many months after application. Lucerne enhances your garden by adding signifcant amounts of nitrogen, phosphourus, potassium, iron and trace elements that is directly from the Lucerne plant.

  • Nutrient rich, improving soil structure
  • Australian Organic Registered Product
  • Promotes worm activity and increases organic matter

Martins Organic Lucerne Mulch can be used for all types of mulching, including roses, garden beds, vegetable gardens, pots, trees and shrubs. This mulch is used as a protective barrier that assistss in moisture retention, conditioning the soil and reducing weed growth. It will break down over time, adding organic matter and nutient value to the soil

Martins Organic Lucerne Mulch is a premium mulch because of the extra benefits it gives to the soil The natural approach to controlling weeds, aid in water retention, encourage earthworm activity and protect plants root system for a healthier hardier garden.