Debco - Premium Potting Mix

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Premium potting mix is manufactured from premium quality composted pine bark with added fertiliser to provide the correct balance of air, water and plant nutrients to ensure you will become a wizard in your garden. 

Debco Premium Potting Mix is suitable for all indoor & outdoor plant varieties. It can be used for a broad range of plants including flowering annuals, herbs, trees and shrubs.


  • Wetting agents
  • Controlled release fertiliser
  • Trace elements 
  • Growth stimulants


Debco Premium Potting Mix is ready to use straight from the bag with no further additives required.

  1. Select a clean pot at least 25mm wider than the original and partly fill with potting mix.
  2. Turn the plant out of its container. Loosen root ball gently and remove any rotten or entirely dried out roots.
  3. Position the plant in the pot and fill with potting mix. Do not pack down.
  4. Water thoroughly and protect plant from wind, heat and strong sunlight for around 5 days.


Avoid Breathing dusts or mists

Wear particulate mask if dusty

Wear gloves 

Wash hands immediately after use 

Read Detailed warning on bag