Xanthorrhoea johnsonii - Grass Trees

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Our Sizes Range Between: 25cm pots through 69cm-138cm trunks with foliage on top.

Common Name: Johnson's Grass Tree

Description: Xanthorrhoea johnsonii have a trunk that is typically black as a result of bush fires. The trunk is composed of a mass of old leaf bases held together by natural resin which can take 10 years before it begins to form. The centre of the trunk is filled with a fibrous material. You can find multi trunked variations but mostly they are single trunked. Out of the trunk tops emerges a mass of long and thin but firm grass-like leaves, which extend around 1m arching over the trunk. The needle like foliage reduces moisture loss during periods of hot weather which makes the tree drought resistant.
The root system is shallow with the main purpose being for anchorage. Flowers appear in Spring or after a fire and are white to cream on long spikes. Flowers are very attractive to birds, bees and butterflies and the tall woody flower spikes are a spectacular feature.

Mature Size: 1-5m (h) x 1-2m (w) 

Position: Full sun to light shade