Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei 'Zuni'

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Common Name: Zuni Crepe Myrtle

Description: The Lagerstroemia Zuni is a hardy, deciduous tree with upright branching giving it a vase shape and a rounded canopy. Branches are reddish when young with the more mature (3-4 years old) branches beginning to exfoliate revealing light greyish brown under bark. Leaves are red-tinged when young, becoming dark glossy green through Summer and turning dark red to orange-red and yellow in Autumn. Flowering in Summer with clusters intense dark lavender/purple blooms. One of the smaller Lagerstroemias making it ideal for smaller gardens.

Mature Size: 4m (h) x 3m (w)

Position: Full sun

*Please note an additional shipping charge applies to 100lt container size trees ($150 plus GST per order)