Viola x wittrockiana 'Black and Blue'

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Common Name: Pansy Black and Blue

Description: Viola wittrockiana otherwise known as the common Pansy is a compact perennial with a mounding habit most often used as an annual, offering flowers of a great many colours and sizes. Flowers can be up to 10cm across, are 5 petaled in a flat-faced arrangement that can be produced almost all year round but moreover used as a source of flower colour through winter and early springtime. The leaves are mid-green and they prefer cooler weather, usually dying back when it gets too warm. Excellent in borders, pots and planters. Prefers rich, organic, moist but well drained soil in a sunny location with a little afternoon shade. 

Mature Size: 0.2-0.3m (h) x 0.2-0.3m (w) 

Position: Full sun to partial shade