Grow - Bio-Organic Fertiliser

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A Bio Organically Sustainable liquid fertilizer, developed as an alternative to chemical fertilizers, seaweed fertilizers and other garden products.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Delivers Microbial Balancing Technology - a complete range of beneficial bacteria for optimum results in both plants and soil
  • Concentrated, cost effective and easy to use
  • Increases yield and a longer production period
  • Rapidly increases microbial activity for healthy soil
  • pH neutral = immediate plant acceptance
  • Accelerates dry matter breakdown creating a valuable carbon source
  • Establishes a healthy deep root system
  • Increases a natural resistance to pest, disease and climatic variation
  • Enhances flavour and nutritional value
  • For premium results use all year round

How To Use: 

General application: Mix 10-20ml of GROW concentrate per 1 litre of water then apply to your plants.

Grow can be applied to your plants in 3 ways:

Soil Soaking Method: Applying diluted Grow into the soil with a watering can. This allows the microbiology to begin to work on your soil right away helping to breakdown carbon, fix nitrogen, protect plant roots from pathogens and helps with nutrient absorption. 
Foliage Spray: Applying diluted Grow to the leaves or flowers of your plants using any size sprayer/ spray bottle. Don’t worry, Grow will not stain your petals or burn your plant, it’s pH neutral. Your plants absorb nutrients through their stomata, epidermis and bark faster than soil application. 
Combinations Method: Applying both Foliage Spray and Soil Soaking methods to your struggling plants. Using both methods means your plants are getting everything that they need for whole plant health.