Confidor - Garden Insecticide Tablets

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Confidor Tablets Garden Insecticide - 8 Tablets, 20 grams.

Confidor Tablets Garden Insecticide protects roses, azaleas, lillypillies, palms, magnolias and eucalypt trees against significant damage caused by aphids, azalea lace bug, psyllids, mealybugs and scale.

Confidor is systemically taken up from the tablet via the plant roots to control insect pests. The nutrients in the tablet assist uptake of Confidor by the roots and enhance plant growth.


  • Systemic Insecticide.
  • Provides extended protection against insect pests in ornamental plants.
  • Easy to use – No spraying or mixing.
  • Provides months of protection.
  • Contains added fertiliser to help plant growth.


Active Constituent: 200g/kg IMIDACLOPRID     NPK: 5.6 – 5.4 – 4.2


Simply place tablet(s) in the soil. Create a hole approx 5cm deep and drop the tablet into the hole. Best to keep the tablet 10cm away form the stem of the plant/tree.

If you are potting a plant into a larger pot size you can place the tablet directly under the root ball on top of at least 5-10cm of potting mix.

Note on plant size:

Confidor is taken up from the tablet and distributed in the plant foliage. If the plant is less than 1 metre in height but has dense foliage and is greater than about 0.5 metres wide then more than 1 tablet may be required to achieve noticeable results.

Note on length of control:

The periods in the above table are based on trial data. Local conditions will affect variations in these periods. For continued control additional tablets should be placed in the ground as directed above after the indicated period or when pest activity is again noted.