Espalier Lemon 'Meyer'

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Botanical Name: Citrus x 'Meyeri'

Common Name: Espalier Lemon Meyer

Description: An espalier is a practice where a plant is trained to grow flat against a structure, whether that be a fence, railing or a trellis etc. This is done by pruning and then tying the plant to the structure.  Considered to be a hybrid between a lemon and orange rounder, the Meyer has a softer, deep yellow thin-skinned fruit with a slight orange tint when ripe. The tree’s medium-sized fruit, attractive evergreen leaves and basic care, it’s one of the most cold tolerant citrus trees, makes it ideal for the backyard gardener. The lemon’s sweeter and less acidic taste makes it a favourite for juicing, cooking hot or cold dishes, in drinks or as a garnish.

30cm pot Trellis: 75cm (h) x 60cm (w)

40cm pot Trellis: 90cm (h) x 75cm (w)

Position: Full sun